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December 24, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Producer Pat Ford fills in for David

–An analysis by Goldman Sachs finds that Joe Manchin tanking the Build Back Better Act will cost the US economy $60 billion in the first three quarters of 2022

–Bernie Sanders offers to pay for a poll in West Virginia asking residents what they think about provisions in the Build Back Better Act

–The Squad was right not to trust Joe Manchin would vote for the Democratic spending plan

–COVID cases surge in the United States due to the Omicron variant, leading to new mandates and cancelations

–The Omicron variant was less severe in South Africa but Americans may not be as lucky

–A recent poll finds that the majority of Americans don’t want Donald Trump to run for president again and the same is true for Joe Biden

–There are eight major reasons for why the labor shortage continues in the United States

–Steve Bannon supports Fox News host Jesse Watters over his threatening comments about Dr. Anthony Fauci and says to Fauci, “we’re getting you”

–Mark Meadows, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, may get charged for no longer complying with the January 6th committee

–On the Bonus Show: Pat has a COVID scare, Kim Potter found guilty in Daunte Wright shooting, Trump declares victory in the war on Christmas, and much more…

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