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August 2, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Paul Slovic, Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon and President of Decision Sciences Research Institute, joins David to discuss risk calculation and risk aversion

–Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri has been killed in a strike ordered by President Joe Biden, and right wingers immediately and desperately attack Biden

–Monkeypox continues to grow with New York City declaring a state of emergency

–Failed former President Donald Trump endorses “Eric” in a race where both candidates are named Eric, Eric Greitens and Eric Schmitt

–Right-wing disinformation node Charlie Kirk concedes that the Trump fundraising emails and text messages are bad, but thinks that Trumpists aren’t dumb enough to fall for them

–Formerly sane journalist Lara Logan falsely claims that illegal immigrants are getting social security numbers at the US-Mexico border

–Radical Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert says that if guns are banned, people will be eating dogs

–Voicemail caller wonders whether a millennial exodus might be coming

–On the Bonus Show: Senate Republicans backtrack after veterans bill firestorm, death toll rises to 37 in eastern Kentucky flooding, Sandy Hook parents isolating with security during Alex Jones trial due to safety concerns, much more…

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