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July 29, 2022

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–On the Show:

–The Gross Domestic Product falls for a second quarter in a row leaving many to wonder whether the United States is in a recession

–Karl Rove questions where the Donald Trump campaign donations are actually going

–Caller wonders what will happen if Trump is charged but not convicted

–Caller talks about the federal criminal investigation into Trump

–Caller admits to showering with glasses on and wiping them clear five times per shower

–Caller doesn’t know if climate change can be fixed fast enough

–Caller wants to know how to respond to wacky conspiracy theories

–Caller asks if west coast states matter in American politics

–David responds to viewer emails and social media messages

–On the Bonus Show: Manchin reaches deal on tax hike and climate bill, Republicans vote against post-9/11 burn pit legislation, and much more…

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