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July 28, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Democrats are now (slightly) favored to win the Senate in 2022 for the first time, based on the 538 Senate forecast

–Some elected Democrats are now starting to back away from Joe Biden 2024

–The Republican National Committee is now warning Donald Trump that if he announces his run for 2024 before the midterms, they will stop paying his legal bills

–Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker continues to be unable to speak remotely coherently

–Joe Biden recovers from COVID and trolls Donald Trump while Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity tries to run interference for Trump on COVID

–An Alaska 15-year-old shoots three of his siblings and himself, all died

–Newsmax host Greg Kelly now targets Fox News for not supporting Donald Trump strongly enough

–Marjorie Taylor Greene complains that Republicans may not vote in the upcoming midterms, but immediately pushes the big lie which encourages Republicans not to vote

–Voicemail caller asks why people are obsessed with transgenderism and trans people

–On the Bonus Show: Andrew Yang and others launch Forward party, Biden administration offers Russian arms dealer in exchange for Griner & Whelan, former police officers sentenced over George Floyd, much more…

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