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Fertility hits rock bottom, Barr admits Trump assassination plans

April 29, 2024

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— On the Show:

— The US fertility rate drops to its lowest in a century, and we discuss the implications of the declining birth rate on the environment, economy, and foreign policy

— William Barr, Donald Trump’s former Attorney General, appears to accidentally admit that Donald Trump regularly floated the idea of assassinating people he didn’t like

— Howard Stern interviews President Joe Biden

— A new CNN poll shows Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by 9 points, and despite being an outlier, the poll is still a concern for Democrats

— A desperate Donald Trump is now begging Ron DeSantis for help wooing some of DeSantis’ donors

— Christina Bobb, Donald Trump’s former “election integrity” lawyer, has been indicted for alleged election crimes

— Increasingly panicking about Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Donald Trump explodes in a late-night rant about him being a “Democratic plant”

— A haggard-looking Donald Trump says he’s missing Melania Trump’s birthday because of a “rigged trial” against him

— Amid rampant allegations of sexual assault, Russell Brand is becoming religious, promoting a prayer app, and getting baptized

— Voicemail caller says David is a libtard and is wrong about many things

— On the Bonus Show: Trump trial is testing his campaign strategy of embracing bad publicity, ByteDance prefers shutting down TikTok rather than selling it, Trump VP contender Kristie Noem under fire for killing her dog, much more…

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