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Romney drops hammer on MAGA, Trump desperate for protesters

April 24, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Pregnant women are being turned away in emergency rooms in Texas, Florida, and other red states as medical providers are fearful of restrictive abortion laws

— Republican Senator Mitt Romney goes after Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump, and the MAGA movement as he prepares to exit politics

— David Pecker, a critical witness in the criminal trial of Donald Trump, drops a bombshell during testimony on the second day of the trial

— Failed former President Donald Trump leaves court in a panic holding a stack of “articles” that he claims prove there should be no trial against him

— A desperate Donald Trump calls for MAGA protests outside the courthouse where he is being tried, as MAGA voters opt to stay home

— Donald Trump complains that the courtroom is too cold

— A confused Donald Trump claims that “everybody wanted” Roe v. Wade repealed, among a series of other lies that he tells during an interview

— The Secret Service is developing a plan for protecting Donald Trump in jail

— As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. increasingly appears to be hurting Trump rather than Biden, Trump panics and attacks Kennedy as a far-left candidate

— Donald Trump’s poll numbers are collapsing with independents, an ominous sign for him for November’s election

— Voicemail caller points out the absurdity of Donald Trump arguing that he should not be tried in New York City because there are many Democrats there

— On the Bonus Show: Larry Nassar’s victims reach $128.7 million settlement over botched FBI probe, FTC votes to ban noncompete agreements, Bill Barr says he will back Trump in 2024 despite criticisms, much more…

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