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Hunter sues Fox News, Kristi Noem VP chances plummet

April 30, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Fox News host Sean Hannity admits that Donald Trump’s tax plan punished residents of blue states, and he ended up paying more taxes as a result

— Republican Congressman James Comer says that President Joe Biden’s impeachment and indictment are taking a long time because there is so much evidence against him

— Hunter Biden will reportedly sue Fox News

— Charlie Kirk, a Donald Trump operative, admits that the Trump campaign is not well organized and potentially collapsing

— Rachel Powell, prison-bound convicted Trump rioter, gives an interview to CNN

— Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Donald Trump even if Trump is convicted of felonies

— Eric Trump says that his father’s stamina is unparalleled, despite Donald Trump falling asleep in court daily

— Republican Governor Kristie Noem, under fire for previously killing her dog, may have ruined her chance at being Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate

— Donald Trump will reportedly hold an event at Mar-a-Lago with donors and potential VP picks reminiscent of his old reality show The Apprentice

— Voicemail caller asks what it says about voters that they will vote based on the price of eggs rather than the state of democracy

— On the Bonus Show: Poll says Biden and Trump supporters divided by media they consume, South Korea sees more deaths than births for 52nd consecutive month, appeals court rules transgender healthcare must be paid for by state insurance, much more…

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