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–On the Show:

–Carter Page, Managing Partner of Global Energy Capital, LLC, former foreign policy adviser to then-candidate now-President Donald Trump, and person of interest in the Trump-Russia investigation by Robert Mueller, joins David to discuss his involvement in Trump’s campaign and the ongoing investigation

–In a bombshell allegation, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claims that Donald Trump knew of the Trump tower meeting for dirt on Hillary in advance, and approved it going forward

–In an unhinged rant on Twitter, President Donald Trump unleashes a bizarre tirade against special prosecutor Robert Mueller

–Donald Trump calls the media “very unpatriotic” for reporting on what his administration does, another move in the direction of anti-free press authoritarianism

–On Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime program “Who Is America?” he calls accused serial child sex assaulter Roy Moore a pedophile on the basis of a fake “pedophile detector”

–Voicemail caller asks how right-wingers can be both pro-Israel and antisemitic at the same time

–On the Bonus Show: Trump threatens another shutdown, homeless man hands out resumés, why Jim Jordan is running for House speaker, much more…

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