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September 6, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Fox News show Fox N’ Friends doesn’t understand why President Joe Biden is so focused on vaccination, and we look at the rapidly spreading Delta variant, now responsible for a 50% increase in new COVID cases in the United States

–Donald Trump delivers a painful, humiliating speech at CPAC 2021 in Texas, telling continued corrosive lies about the 2020 election and more

–Donald Trump Jr. is unable to speak coherently during his speech at CPAC 2021

–Donald Trump supporters are interviewed at CPAC 2021 and it’s very scary

–CPAC 2021 straw poll in Texas confirms that Donald Trump is still in total control of the Republican Party, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerging as a clear second-place 2024 candidate

–Despite what the American right wing is claiming, people are not fleeing the state of California in massive numbers

–A 7-point Trump reinstatement plan was handed out at CPAC 2021

–Donald Trump appears to confirm that he plans to run for President in 2024, among telling a variety of lies, during an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo

–Voicemail caller from Providence brutally attacks us for our tiny subscriber number which he seems to misunderstand or pull out of thin air

–On the Bonus Show: Rent prices soar as Americans flock back to cities, Somerville, Massachusetts wants to host first safe consumption site, court axes FDA ban on electric shock on disabled people, much more…

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