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September 1, 2021

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–On the Show:

–President Joe Biden confirms, in no uncertain terms, that we are out of Afghanistan, period, full stop

–Seemingly war-thirsty corporate media are already asking about going back into Afghanistan

–Florida’s bogus “decline” in COVID deaths explained

–Donald Trump gets a softball interview on Fox Business from Stuart Varney and still manages to embarrass himself

–Radical Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn threatens “bloodshed” if elections remain “rigged”

–More anti-maskers and antivaxxers humiliate themselves at school board and municipal meetings around the country

–An anti-mask fight breaks out on live television outside a school board meeting

–Anti-vaccine “influencer” Jasmine Clifford has been charged with selling fake COVID-19 vaccine cards on Instagram

–The Eggman leaves a voicemail challenging David’s empathy for the children of antivaxxers who die of COVID, asking whether we should feel bad for Hitler’s kids, even though Hitler did not have kids

–On the Bonus Show: German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepping down, court backs teacher’s refusal to use transgender pronouns, Idaho activates National Guard over COVID surge, much more…

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