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September 29, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / September 29th, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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–Cenk Uygur, Host of The Young Turks, joins us live to talk about MSNBC, his car breaking down, Christine O’Donnell, people mistaking Ana Kasparian for his wife, and more.

–Don Rojas, Executive Director of Free Speech TV, joins us live to discuss the upcoming One Nation Working Together event in Washington DC.

–Chris Manz of Democrastreet Wow is in studio to discuss his upcoming The Chris Manz Show Live event.

–Less than a week until the live iPad giveaway on October 6th

–More Christine O’Donnell absurdity, this time saying evolution is a myth, and we discuss her statement, as well as wonder how much Christine O’Donnell coverage is too much.

–Sarah Palin thinks we know more about Christine O’Donnell already than we ever did about Obama, and Haley Barbour thinks we know less about Obama than any President in history. Really? Even James K Polk?

–Producer Louis agrees to dye his hair bright red if Christine O’Donnell wins her Senate race.

–Provisions from the new healthcare bill are now in effect, including lifetime limit limitations, pre-existing conditions, preventative procedure coverage, and more, and we discuss how it is on the Democrats to use early successes from these provisions to their advantage in the upcoming election.

–Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives a speech at the United Nations during which he indicates that most people in the US believe the truth about 9/11, which is that it was an inside job to help the US economy and save the Zionist regime, and we discuss how similarly oppositional comments in Iran would lead to a stoning.

–Is Ahmadinejad intelligently lining up to gain sympathy through “I told you so” in the event that Iran’s nuclear facilities do get bombed?

–Stephen Colbert testifies before a House committee about farm workers, which was not funny, and likely will not even remind people in a few weeks that it was related to farm workers’ rights. We wonder what the point of the whole thing was.

–Fox News feigns unabashed anger at the Stephen Colbert testimony.

–Last week’s poll about how much longer it will take until 20 states have legalized gay marriage.

–New station in Delaware airing Midweek Politics, voicemails left for the show, and emails about a Jewish conspiracy behind gay rights, Lady Gaga, Christine O’Donnell, and more.

–Much more in this week’s bonus show, including whether David believes in UFOs, what should happen to the Queen of England, and much more.

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