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September 28, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Heidi Boghosian, New York City-based attorney and author, whose latest book is “I Have Nothing to Hide: And 20 Other Myths About Surveillance and Privacy,” joins David to discuss surveillance, privacy, technology, and more. Get the book:

–COVID cases are down 31% in the US as deaths decline 11% in what appears to be the decline of the Delta wave globally and in the US

–Many powerful politicians are over 80 years old, and increasingly people are asking whether this is a good thing for the country

–Is it time to start firing unvaccinated employees?

–Despite claims that many Massachusetts state troopers would quit over the COVID vaccine requirement, only one has actually quit

–Donald Trump’s former “fraud” lawyer Sidney Powell appears to lose her mind on television, attempting to implicate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in the January 6 Trump riots

–Donald Trump “could be” charged with multiple crimes for his attempt to strongarm Georgia Republican officials to give him a win in the 2020 Presidential election

–Voicemail caller “Eric from Mass” announces that he has natural immunity to COVID-19

–On the Bonus Show: Joe Manchin could upend Child Tax Credit, Pfizer testing pill to ward off COVID-19, Reagan shooter wins unconditional release from prison, much more…

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