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September 27, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Germany appears to shift left, with German Social Democrats beating conservatives in a vote to determine Angela Merkel’s successor

–CNN’s Brian Stelter believes that the increase in bizarre Donald Trump interviews, the rise in Trump-related disinformation, and the increase in conspiracy theories signal that a storm is brewing

–Donald Trump holds a rally in Georgia at which he completely melts down, shifts goalposts to 2022’s midterm election, falsely claims that the Arizona “audit” shows he won the state in 2020, and many more outrageous things

–The much-awaited results of the Arizona 2020 presidential election “audit” show that Joe Biden actually defeated Donald Trump by even more than previously reported

–Fox News has apparently banned Donald Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani

–Two people have died from what is suspected to be Ivermectin toxicity

–Anti-vaxxers are now inhaling hydrogen peroxide vapor for treating or preventing COVID-19, which has not been shown to work and is extremely dangerous

–Voicemail caller “San Antonio troll” reappears after a long hiatus to deliver a confused and mistaken diatribe against things David hasn’t actually said, without making any sense whatsoever

–On the Bonus Show: TX announces audit of 2020 votes, federal judge blocks vaccine mandate for NYC teachers, 3D-printed vaccine patch appears effective, much more…

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