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September 26, 2022

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— On the Show:

— Italy shifts to the extreme right as the neo-fascist Brothers of Italy party wins the most votes in national elections, potentially making Giorgia Meloni its leaders

— The House January 6 panel may unanimously refer Donald Trump for criminal prosecution

— California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom absolutely crushes Ron DeSantis in recent interviews

— Jared Kushner slams Ron DeSantis over his Martha’s Vineyard immigrant stunt, but it’s nothing other than an implicit defense of Donald Trump

— Republican Senator John Barrasso pretends that telepathic document declassification might be real when asked about it by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos

— Donald Trump’s latest rally in Wilmington, North Carolina was so outrageous, even right wing Drudge Report raised questions about dementia

— Attendees at Donald Trump’s latest rally are scary, including one guy who defends neo-nazis

— After the fiasco at last week’s Ohio rally, Trump’s rally security in North Carolina shut down people doing the Q-Anon salute

— According to a woman who spoke at a Republican town hall, not bullying people is a form of Marxism

— We’re getting dangerously close to 1.5 million YouTube subscribers on our main channel

— Voicemail caller asks whether Joe Biden can telepathically reclassify the documents that Donald Trump telepathically declassified

— On the Bonus Show: Liz Cheney will campaign for Dems and leave GOP if Trump runs in 2024, 80% of US voters want national paid family leave, Rudy Giuliani ordered to pay ex-wife $225,000 or face jail, much more…

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