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September 21, 2022

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— On the Show:

— Adam Steen, Trump-endorsed Republican running for the Wisconsin State Assembly in District 63, joins David to discuss his campaign

— Joe Biden wrongly claims that the COVID pandemic is over

— Fox News host Greg Gutfeld casually says that COVID was created in a lab

— Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn delivers a bizarre rant about COVID vaccines altering DNA and author Yuval Noah Harari wanting to turn people into cyborgs

— Despite what Republican Senator Marco Rubio and other Republicans claims, the Martha’s Vineyard migrants were in the United States legally, awaiting asylum claims to be adjudicated

— Javier Salazar, the Bexar County, Texas sheriff investigating Ron DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard migrant stunt, is now receiving death threats

— Donald Trump’s handpicked “special master,” Raymond Dearie, is telling Trump to cut the crap

— Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, during the latest defamation trial, goes on a rant outside the courtroom confirming he has no idea how court works

— Voicemail caller asks whether the Republicans questioning John Fetterman’s cognitive state would be satisfied if Fetterman took and passed the same test Trump brags about, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment

— On the Bonus Show: Martha’s Vineyard migrants sue Ron DeSantis, $250 million allegedly stolen from pandemic child food program, Joe Biden endorses bill to disclose Super PAC donors, Pakman Finance is live, much more…

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