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September 20, 2019

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–On the Show:

–David takes a bunch of heat for merely reporting the fact that Elizabeth Warren has surpassed Bernie Sanders for second place in a number of national Democratic primary polls

–Caller wonders what progressives should do if Joe Biden wins the Democratic nomination

–Caller questions whether Democratic Party leadership will fall in line if a progressive becomes president

–Caller asks if/when Joe Biden will fall in the polls

–Caller wants to know what we can do to secure press freedom and fight Trump’s stochastic terrorism

–Caller suggests disarming the police if civilians are to be disarmed

–Caller asks about the Iran/Saudi Arabia conflict and how it affects Tulsi Gabbard

–Caller asks about legitimate right-wing news outlets

–Caller discusses the future of independent media given YouTube’s crackdowns

–Audience Question: How can Democrats appeal to rural voters?

–Audience Question: When is it okay for US presidents to meet with foreign adversaries?

–Audience Question: Are solar panels really all that good for the environment?

–On the Bonus Show: Andrew Yang responds to SNL cast member’s firing, pigeon poops on lawmaker calling for fewer pigeons, pharma company connected to opioid crisis files for bankruptcy, and much more…

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