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September 17, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Oliver Thorn, creator of Philosophy Tube, a YouTube channel teaching philosophy in fun and interesting ways, joins David to discuss philosophical thinking, the intersection of philosophy and politics, and much more

–We explore why Donald Trump always ends up getting his ass kicked internationally

–British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is triggered by protesters in Luxembourg and escapes a planned press conference

–The Manhattan District Attorney subpoenas eight years of Donald Trump’s tax returns as part of a hush money investigation

–In a rambling speech meant to appeal to “Hispanics,” Trump lies and is heckled

–Donald Trump is constantly gushing about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to other world leaders, and they find it weird

–The Women’s March cuts ties with three of their founders accused of anti-Semitism

–Voicemail caller sings another song

–On the Bonus Show: 450,000 want Andrew Yang’s UBI, Trump wants New Mexico, AZ Supreme Court okays discrimination against same-sex weddings, much more…

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