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September 13, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Analysis of the 3rd Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston, Texas which from a substance standpoint was the best one so far

–Caller questions whether the minimum wage should keep up with inflation

–Caller talks about left-wingers against Russigate and Tulsi Gabbard supporters

–Caller asks David if he should major in political science

–Caller wonders if a President Bernie Sanders would allow Edward Snowden to come home

–Caller considers whether free college would lead to a left-wing curriculum

–Caller wonders if the economy can survive climate change and automation

–Caller discusses John Bolton leaving the White House

–Audience Question: Will Donald Trump not accept the election results if he loses in 2020?

–Audience Question: When will Andrew Yang become one of the top three Democratic presidential candidates?

–Audience Question: What would a gun control compromise look like?

–On the Bonus Show: Tom Steyer qualifies for 4th debate, couple spends $120,000 mistakenly put in their bank account, flight shaming for the environment, and much more…

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