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September 13, 2016

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On the Show:

–Our in-depth investigation into Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump including an analysis of his policy proposals, outrageous comments, and background as a supposedly hugely successful businessman

–After Hillary Clinton fainted at a 9/11 remembrance event, her health is in question; but while Clinton plans on releasing her full medical records, Donald Trump does not

–Hillary Clinton and David have something in common: they both admit to fainting every now and then

–David’s popular Instagram photos this week involve shaving and traffic

–We give away three memberships donated by a generous anonymous viewer

–While opponents attack Hillary Clinton for losing 30,000 emails, they ignore that the George W. Bush White House lost 22 million emails and no one cared

–Donald Trump claims that the Federal Reserve is artificially keeping interest rates down to bolster President Obama’s legacy and that Chairperson Janet Yellen is incompetent

–While cops who kill unarmed people are often able to keep their jobs, police officer Stephen Mader was fired for not shooting an armed man trying to commit suicide-by-cop

–Voicemail on whether Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden would be tapped to replace Hillary Clinton if she was no longer healthy enough to pursue the presidency

–On the Bonus Show: Sugar industry blaming fat, AI downsizing and new legislation to punish customers leaving negative reviews, and more…

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