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September 9, 2016

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On the Show:

–Classic interview: Mark Sandlin and former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt debate what the meaning of “true” Christianity is, and we discuss in the context of “real” Islam.

–A truly cringeworthy moment as Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson looks visibly confused about a simple question regarding the Syrian city of Aleppo

–Caller understands that David isn’t a progressive bandwagoner

–Caller talks to David about whether $50 Canadian Epipens are reliable and safe

–Caller asks David whether he would appear on Drunken Peasants or illiberal shows or podcasts

–Caller asks David whether spending government money on space exploration is worthwhile

–Caller inquires about Louis’ whereabouts and activities since leaving the show

–Caller confronts David about whether advertisers influence the show in the wake of the YouTube monetization purge

–Audience question: Are elections worth anything if most people don’t vote?

–Audience question: Who are your favorite fiction authors?

–Audience question: Why did David invest in Elon Musk’s Tesla?

–On the Bonus Show: Economics & education, rich Indian offers free 4G internet to 1 billion people, Obama announces plan to clear Laos’ unexploded bombs, more…

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