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October 8, 2019

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–On the Show:

–The 400 richest Americans are now paying lower taxes than any other income group in another handout to the super rich

–Bernie Sanders’ tremendous plan to get money out of politics is all-encompassing and stands out in the 2020 Democratic primary field

–A rampaging and furious Donald Trump threatens to “obliterate” the Turkish economy in the context of recent geopolitical decisions

–Within hours of Donald Trump pulling troops, Turkey attacks Kurdish targets in northern Syria, exactly as anyone with common sense feared would happen

–A furious Donald Trump results from a court decision that Donald Trump must turn over eight years of personal and corporate tax returns to investigators

–Former Donald Trump executive Barbara Res predicts Donald Trump will ultimately resign to avoid being removed from the Presidency

–Fox News Trump sycophant Brian Kilmeade realizes on live television that Donald Trump has no idea what he’s talking about

–David’s latest book recommendations. Get them here:

–Voicemail caller is unlikely to keep watching the show after finding out David isn’t gay

–On the Bonus Show: LGBTQ employment rights hits SCOTUS, National Grid fires Trumpist employee who harassed woman, deepfake videos are spiking, much more…

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