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October 4, 2019

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–President Trump holds an off-the-rails press conference with the Finnish President Sauli Niinist√∂

–Donald Trump at a Florida campaign rally says he wants to make his own news network

–Caller explains why he voted for Trump in 2016 but wont again in 2020

–Caller wonders what the best critique of Ayn Rand and objectivism is

–Caller talks about Andrew Yang’s surge in the polls

–Caller questions whether superdelegates will screw over Bernie Sanders

–Caller talks about his support for Elizabeth Warren and whether progressive candidates should take big money donations

–Caller talks about the possibility of President Trump resigning his office

–Caller discusses the prospect of legalizing all drugs

–Caller wonders if there’s anything Trump can do that would cause his base to turn against him

–Caller hopes Trump firing John Bolton is a sign the US will not go to war with Iran

–Caller asks David if Spanish-speakers can understand his Argentinian accent

–Caller thinks it’s time to set up a new economic bill of rights

–Caller talks about Trump supporters in the south

–Audience Question: Is Hunter Biden working for a Ukrainian energy company a sign of corruption?

–Audience Question: How do we move the Republican Party to the left?

–Audience Question: How can I stop drowning in email?

–On the Bonus Show: Chicago libraries to forgive late fees, unvaccinated children banned from New York schools, airline introduces baby seat map, and much more…

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