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October 21, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Despite previous analyses to the contrary, Democrats do now have a path, albeit an unlikely one, to taking control of the Senate in the 2020 election, including by looking at Colorado, Maine, Arizona, North Carolina, and Iowa

–Donald Trump’s acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admits that Donald Trump is running his businesses while President, saying to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Trump still considers himself “in the hospitality industry” while he is President of the US

–Donald Trump’s acting Chief of Staff melts down under questioning on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace, with Wallace repeatedly countering Mulvaney’s lies with video clips of Mulvaney talking about the quid pro quo involved in the Ukraine Biden fiasco

–Donald Trump’s misguided decision to “bring home” US troops from Syria is not only shortsighted but a lie, as Pentagon Chief Mark Esper admits all troops from Syria will be redeployed to Iraq, not brought home

–Donald Trump, Jr. attacks Joe and Hunter Biden for nepotism during an appearance with Sean Hannity on Fox News, making him arguably the least self-aware person in American politics

–Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Tulsi Gabbard are the best thing that has ever happened to Tulsi Gabbard, who’s presidential campaign was going nowhere with her persistently polling at one percent prior to Hillary’s attack on her

–Former Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says that more than 20 Republican Senators are about to turn on Donald Trump, which, if true, would completely shake up the prospects of impeachment and removal

–Voicemail caller wrongly asserts that the “taxes” associated with Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plans haven’t been addressed

–On the Bonus Show: FL lawmaker won’t seek re-election, NYC city council votes to close Rikers Island, scientists closing in on universal flu vaccine, much more…

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