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November 18, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / November 18th, 2009

Total Running Time: 58:59

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This Week’s Topics:

–Ralph Nader joins us live to discuss his latest book, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us,” as well as the proposed healthcare reform, American politics, and more.

–New TV stations airing Midweek Politics in Michigan and Iowa.

–David Pakman at a recent Barney Frank event.

–Swine flu and swine flu shots.

–Barack Obama is in China, and a government official quickly cuts off CNN’s Ed Henry while he asks simple questions to people before an Obama speech.

–The controversy over Barack Obama bowing to the Japanese emperor, including misstatements by both liberals and conservatives.

–Richard Nixon’s 1971 bow to the Japanese emperor, and Dick Cheney’s reaction to Obama’s.

–Comparing Obama’s bow to George W. Bush’s massaging of Angela Merkel’s shoulders, or hand-holding with the Saudi Arabian royal family.

–Sarah Palin’s book tour and recent interviews, including with Oprah, and her comments about the Katie Couric interview.

–Liz Cheney suggests her father would be a good candidate for President in 2012.

–The Khalid Sheikh Mohammed controversy over trying him in the US, including what it says about the US legal system and more.

–A closer look at healthcare reveals that the healthiest states with the best care are blue states, while the opposite is true of red states, but we talk about cause and effect and the place of poverty within the discussion.

–Glenn Beck hosts yet another incredible special on Fox News, this time with hand-picked black conservatives.

–Fox News now considers Chuck Norris a political expert, and asks him to comment on a number of issues, but we aren’t sure why.

–A Fort Hood massacre update, including that Major Hasan had been reporting soldiers to Army officials for possible crimes and atrocities committed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

–Lou Dobbs resigns from CNN.

–An Arkansas 10-year-old will not pledge allegiance until gays gain equality.

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