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October 28, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / October 28th, 2009

Total Running Time: 59:29

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This Week’s Topics:

–New television affiliate PTV in Youngstown, Ohio

–Horace Cooper, a multi-time Midweek Politics guest, lawyer,and political commentator is indicted for involvement with JackAbramoff and other corruption charges.

–The US could see $5billion if the 2018 or 2022 World Cup came to the US, but it is notclear whether conservatives would rally against it, as they did againstthe Olympics coming to Chicago, if President Obama gets involved.

–Checkwriting, and why no one should write checks anymore, including thatit’s incredibly slow, a top way to have your identity stolen, expensiveif you lose your checkbook, and a huge annoyance to anyone waiting inline behind you.

–Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decides toput the public option back into the bill to be voted on, including anopt-out option for states, rather than making states have to opt-in,but is the public option even real reform at this point, given that theinsurance companies have gotten everything they want.

–Thepublic option is not the liberal, radical option, but rather a moderatealternative to single-payer healthcare, and Congressman Anthony Weinermakes the media rounds to make exactly that point.

–JoeLieberman, who many claim is with the Democrats on everything exceptfor the war, says he will not support any healthcare bill with a publicoption, and will support filibustering such proposals.

–OnCSPAN, utter incompetence as callers on Medicare and the VA healthcareprogram complain that they don’t want the government getting involvedin their healthcare.

–It turns out many Republicans in Congress are already on the same type of public option that they oppose.

–Analyzing whether dental insurance even makes sense, similar to many of the available healthcare plans.

–Theongoing Fox News White House war that has continued to escalate, withmore bitterness from Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and comparisonsbetween Fox News and Islamic Jihadists.

–A Dallas cop gives awoman a ticket for being a non-English speaking driver, although thereare no laws against it, and it turns out it is common in Texas,although it is not a law.

–A Hotel owner who insisted in referring to his Hispanic employees by more Anglo names.

–The Taliban in Afghanistan is trying to get soldiers addicted to heroin to hinder their mission there.

–Sarah Palin’s book royalties are sky high, especially considering she did not write the book.

–Nordic countries, led by Norway, have the most gender equality when it comes to income, wellbeing, education, and more.

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