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May 9, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Chris Martenson, economic researcher, futurist, and Co-Founder of, joins David to discuss how one can evaluate the state of an economy

–President Donald Trump announces the US will pull out of the “Iran deal,” immediately raising suspicions that a military conflict is on the horizon, and we discuss the implications, including the possible role of new National Security Adviser John Bolton in the decision, as well as the geopolitical implications for others considering making deals with the United States

–News breaks of over $1 million in payments made to a shell company controlled by Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, including from telecommunications firm AT&T, pharmaceutical company Novartis, and a Russian oligarch-controlled company in what has the potential to be one of the largest government bribery scandals in decades

–This week’s Hatriot Mail

–In a mock Robert Mueller interview, presumably to prepare President Donald Trump for a possible upcoming interview with the special prosecutor, Trump reportedly took 4 hours to answer just 2 of the sample questions, making abundantly clear why his attorneys do not want him to be interviewed

–The hacked Coinbase money has not been returned to the David Pakman Show, and a number of imposter crowdfunding campaigns have popped up

–A record 95+ million Americans are out of the workforce, a statistic that Donald Trump, Trumpists, and the right have no interest in mentioning as they uncritically tout the same unemployment data was they denounced as “fake” during the presidency of Barack Obama

–Voicemail caller asks what a “lame duck” Donald Trump would do

–On the Bonus Show: Primary election results, Google’s AI books a hair appointment, Gina Haspel will pledge never to restart CIA torture program, much more…

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