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May 8, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Jackie Salit, President of Independent Voting, joins David to discuss the truth about independent voters and the most likely paths for the creation of viable and strong third parties in the United States

–The David Pakman Show is hacked and loses thousands of dollars

–Despite Trump’s recent claim at another one of his strange rallies that he “essentially got rid of Obamacare,” the IRS knows that this is not true, and that all parts of Obamacare other than the individual mandate remain in place

–Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller rejects Donald Trump’s lawyer’s request for a written interview in the Trump Russia investigation

–Donald Trump effectively admits to obstruction the Trump Russia investigation again, this time characterizing as “fighting back” in a tweet

–Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff lays out how he believes Republicans are setting up to fire Robert Mueller with a plan involving subpoenas of classified documents submitted to the Department of Justice with the goal of removing Rod Rosenstein, and eventually Mueller himself

–Former convicted felon Oliver North, who sold guns illegally, has been named the President of the National Rifle Association (NRA)

–The Carrier employees whose jobs Donald Trump miraculously claimed to have “save” before his inauguration continue to be laid off by the company’s Indiana facility

–Voicemail caller wants to know about Donald Trump’s idea for a “space force,” a sort of outer space military

–On the Bonus Show: McCain doesn’t want Trump at funeral, AG vows to break up immigrant families, Trump tells WV to vote against former coal executive, much more…

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