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May 25, 2018

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–On the Show:

–The Environmental¬†Protection Agency, led by its director Scott Pruitt, ban the Associated Press and CNN from attending its national summit on contaminants in drinking water

–Caller asks about gun rights for minors and sensible gun control measures

–Caller wonders what would happen if Republicans ignore a damning final report made by special counsel Robert Mueller against President Trump

–Caller asks about Jonathan Haidt, Jordan Peterson, and a few other things

–Caller questions why David and Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski call Jordan Peterson a “religious nut”

–Caller thinks about other ways to be politically active besides voting

–Caller inquires about the political correctness debate between Jordan Peterson and Michael Eric Dyson

–Caller voices concern over the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

–Caller wonders why conservatives talk about Venezuela as an example of a socialist country

–Caller discusses Sam Harris and Islamic¬†extremism

–Audience Question: Would re-writing the constitution every twenty years be a good idea?

–Audience Question: Were the Red Sox right to change “Yawkey Way” to “Jersey Street” because of the late Tom Yawkey’s racist views?

–Audience Question: Should young people be forced into an organized national service?

–On the Bonus Show: Russian agency offers fake reviews ahead of World Cup, taking off your shoes can help make you slim, Hitler’s teeth analysis confirms he didn’t flee to Argentina, and much more…

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