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May 23, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Lawrence Norden, Deputy Director of the Democracy Program at NYU Law School’s Brennan Center for Justice, joins David to discuss voting integrity for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, including voting machines, Russia, disinformation tactics, and much more

–The upcoming summit between the US and Donald Trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is quickly imploding, as Trump now refers to it merely as something that “might” happen, and Kim Jong-Un reportedly fears a military coup while he would be outside of the country for the summit in Singapore

–Donald Trump has been using an unsecured personal iPhone which he refuses to have screened for cyberattacks due to it being “inconvenient,” making his carelessness with potentially secret and sensitive information more concerning than that which he accused Hillary Clinton of doing with her emails throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign

–This week’s episode of Hatriot Mail is one of the wackiest in a while

–Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen’s business partner, a Russian named Evgeny Friedman, has flipped as part of a plea agreement and will cooperate with investigators, something that is a very bad sign not only for Cohen himself but also for Donald Trump

–Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup appeared on Fox News and equated the current investigation into Trump Russia by special prosecutor Robert Mueller to when the FBI wrote Martin Luther King, Jr. the now-infamous “suicide letter,” a comparison that could not be more ridiculous

–Are strawmanning, extremism, and oversimplification necessary to inspire political activism?

–Regular voicemail caller Troy York demands to know why David hasn’t spoken about the incident involving New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg ranting about people speaking Spanish at a Fresh Kitchen restaurant, despite David having covered the story last week

–On the Bonus Show: Ritalin, abortion, media, schools and doors blamed for Texas incident, 40% of Americans can’t cover $400 emergency, boy ordered to pay $36 million restitution, much more…

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