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May 22, 2012

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Today on The David Pakman Show / May 22nd, 2012

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On the Show:

–Lesbian mother who has attended 20 of Pastor Charles Worley’s sermons at Providence Road Baptist Church, and she indicates that anti-homosexual sentiment was common and regular at church sermons.

–David’s email exchange with the web designers of the Providence Road Baptist Church’s website, Stonewall Consulting, LLC.

–David talks about his experience at a religious wedding, and we discuss whether ANY belief should be honored and respected.

–Cory Booker, Democratic Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, speaks out against Republicans cherry-picking his comments about Bain Capital, specifically his statement that criticism of Mitt Romney’s activity at Bain Capital is “nauseating,” and we find out that Booker has received significant campaign funding from Bain employees.

–Exploring one of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital stories, the destruction of American Pad and Paper (AMPAD).

–The incredible sham that is the idea that Mitt Romney is a patriot.

–A new study by the Sunlight Foundation indicates that conservative Republican elected officials exhibit the lowest levels of speech complexity.

–The new birther idea from Rush Limbaugh and Mike Huckabee is that Obama FAKED being born in Kenya.

–Video of armed MQ-1 Predator drone flying quietly at a low altitude over Elgin, Illinois is released…does this concern you?

–Two scientists create a sleep mask that could let people control their dreams.

–CitySprout let’s people get fresh local food without having to prepay for it…the future of food?

–Email on apocalyptic thinking, woman shopping naked, and more.

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