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May 18, 2020

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–On the Show:

–The world has shifted from laughing at the United States to pitying us as we continue with a completely failed pandemic response from Donald Trump

–The conspiracy theorists are winning, in a sense, in that they are effective enough at preventing consensus on how to handle coronavirus, and are helping to provide Trump some distractions

–A detailed bipartisan plan explains how we could end the pandemic by the 4th of July, with the correct actions

–CNN publishes a very dishonest poll summary claiming that Trump is leading Biden 52-45 across 15 battlground states, with no regard for the state-by-state polling

–There are locked down states like California and New Jersey whose pandemic curves are not dramatically different from those of Texas and Florida, which mostly reopened weeks ago

–Donald Trump announces a “super-duper missile” and sends the Pentagon and his Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany scrambling for an explanation

–“Hang Fauci” signs appear at coronavirus protests as a faction of Americans continue to reject Enlightenment values

–Eric Trump proves he’s the dumbest one, claiming Trump regularly fills stadiums with 50,000 people and that coronavirus is made up and thus will go away the day after the November election

–Voicemail caller wants someone to explain Obamagate to him

–On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat’s pandemic displacement part 2, David’s prepping updates, much more…

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