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May 14, 2018

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–Jeremy Baumberg, Professor of Nanoscience at the University of Cambridge, joins David to discuss his new book “The Secret Life of Science”

–Chaos grows in Israel as the US officially moves the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that was predictable ever since Donald Trump selected David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel

–As we learn more about the millions of dollars funneled through a shell company owned by Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, documents reveal that AT&T’s expressed purpose for hiring Cohen was to assist with the Time Warner Merger

–Donald Trump now says that part of the reason drug prices are high in the US is that foreign countries have “extorted” drug prices that are too high in other parts of the world

–A new report from New York Magazine exposes that President Donald Trump and Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity regularly speak on the phone before bedtime, and a broader picture of Trump’s influences starts to take shape

–Indian rapists are “punished” with 100 situps and a fine of about $700, exposing some of the huge problems in rural India that exist in connection with “village councils”

–Coinbase has communicated to The David Pakman Show that they will not be returning any of the stolen money, and we discuss options going forward

–Pastor Scott Lively, who claims the Holocaust was orchestrated by gay Nazis, is running in the Republican primary for Massachusetts Governor, and has achieved enough support at the Republican State Convention to appear on the primary ballot

–A viewer says they’ll cancel their membership to the show if we change format to an interview show

–On the Bonus Show: PACs insisting on helping Beto O’Rourke, army soldier grows ear in arm for surgery, body camera manufacturer considers adding facial recognition, much more…

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