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May 11, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Republican Charles Herbster, the Republican Nebraska Gubernatorial candidate endorsed by Donald Trump and accused by multiple women of groping, has lost his primary election

–The left needs better arguments on the issue of abortion

–National confidence in the Trump-filled Supreme Court has collapsed

–Republican Senator Susan Collins called the police over chalk writing on the sidewalk outside of her house

–Disturbing video from a Christian event seeking to take control of education is released

–Fox News propagandist Maria Bartiromo willingly spreads the baseless COVID conspiracy theory that Democrats are coming up with a “midterm variant,” conveniently timed to help them in the November midterm elections

–Elon Musk says he will unban Donald Trump on Twitter, assuming that his purchase of the social network indeed happens

–Jordan Peterson weeps over climate activism during a recent event at Stanford University

–The Eggman leaves a voicemail suggesting that lox cream cheese is a valid substitute for actual smoke salmon on a bagel

–On the Bonus Show: GOP Senator introduces measure to strip Disney of copyright protection, bill helping women to travel for abortion moves forward, Mike Tyson won’t be charged for punching airline passenger, much more…

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