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May 9, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Russia is accused of bombing a school in Ukraine and 60 are feared dead as Russia’s “victory day” is here

–Republicans quickly set their sights beyond overturning Roe v Wade as Texas Governor Greg Abbott is talking about Plyler v Doe, and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves won’t rule out going after Plan B and IUD’s

–Reports increasingly point to the Supreme Court leaker being a right-wing individual, although nothing has yet been proven definitively

–Failed former President Donald Trump is particularly disoriented and confused at a recent rally speech in Pennsylvania in support of Dr. Mehmet Oz

–Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper reveals that failed former President Donald Trump was interested in bombing Mexico during his presidency

–Donald Trump doesn’t deny that he wanted to bomb Mexico during his presidency in a written response to claims made by his former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

–A Trumpist caller succeeded in at least partially tricking David

–Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn says that 5G signals will trigger a pathogen stored within the COVID vaccines, now in the bodies of hundreds of millions of people around the world

–Voicemail caller is not pleased that David discussed how to define a woman with two other men

–On the Bonus Show: Good times are rolling for big oil, Taliban orders women to wear head-to-toe clothing in public, death penalty for abortion becomes critical issue in Texas, much more…

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