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March 27, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / March 27, 2015

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On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Robert Peters, President of the conservative group Morality in Media, joins us live to discuss the recent ruling on FCC expletive and indecency rules, including his desire for there not to be any profanity, indecency, or blasphemy of any kind on broadcast media

–Another anti-gay Navy Chaplain claims he is the victim of religious discrimination

–Costa Rica provides a record 75 days of power solely from renewable forms of energy.

–A driverless car begins a cross-country trip as haters continue to have on driverless and autonomous car technology

–Flashback: Paula Smith created the anti-Obama “Don’t Re-Nig 2012″ bumper sticker, but claims it isn’t racist

–Flashback: Republican Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann faced a Congressional ethics probe

–Flashback: Duke Energy is caught dumping coal waste into North Carolina water

-Audience Question: Do you ever leave movies that are terrible? How do you decide?

-Audience Question: Would you commit suicide if it would guarantee world peace?

-Audience Question: If you stumbled upon a conspiracy theory that was actually true and authorities told you not to discuss it on the show…would you comply?

–On the Bonus Show: The FAA finally approves testing of a now obsolete drone, the largest asteroid impact ever is found in Australia, valuable minerals and metals in your waste water, more…

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