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March 22, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Fox News anchor John Roberts admits the truth about the Biden impeachment inquiry, which is that no matter what they do or don’t find, it won’t end before the election

— Michele Morrow, the Republican nominee for North Carolina public school superintendent, runs away when asked by CNN reported about her posts saying Presidents Obama and Biden should be executed

— Stormy Daniels says in a new documentary that she worried Donald Trump would have her killed if she did not sign the NDA associated with the hush money payment she received

— Caller predicts the end of the United States

— Caller wants help dealing with Trump-supporting family members

— Caller argues that Biden not being in charge is a dumb talking point

— Caller reflects on how we ended up with Donald Trump

— Caller discusses the Electoral College

— Caller is a bartender who has to deal with Trump supporting clients

— The Friday Feedback segment

— On the Bonus Show: Trump claims he’s scrapped together $500 million in cash, Kyle Rittenhouse runs away from debate, and much more…

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