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March 19, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Ken Block, Owner of Simpatico Software Systems and author of the book “Disproven: My Unbiased Search for Voter Fraud for the Trump Campaign, the Data That Shows Why He Lost, and How We Can Improve Our Elections,” joins David to discuss his work attempting to find the non-existent voter fraud in 2020. Get the book:

— President Joe Biden is suddenly leading Donald Trump in multiple new polls and we discuss what is causing this

— Peter Navarro, Donald Trump’s former economic advisor, is finally going to prison

— In a bizarre new segment, Fox News hosts pray on air, and the prayer segment is sponsored

— Trump supporters are interviewed at Trump’s latest rally in Dayton, Ohio, and it is truly scary stuff

— Failed former President Donald Trump explodes in a wild antisemitic tirade, including threatening Jews

— Donald Trump is unable to make the bond payment in his New York civil fraud case, suggesting his properties may soon be seized

— Is Donald Trump about to go bankrupt?

— Failed former President Donald Trump admits that he doesn’t have the money to secure a bond in his New York civil fraud trial

— Absolutely unhinged caller loses it, accusing David of many things, including being white, and not being Latino

— On the Bonus Show: Woman sues NYC Mayor Eric Adams for sexual assault, EPA bans asbestos, electric vehicles are now almost as inexpensive as gas powered vehicles, much more…

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