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March 18, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Don Lemon joins David to discuss his recent interview with Elon Musk, after which Musk terminated Lemon’s contract to host a show on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter

— Republican Congressman James Comer struggles with the difference between evidence and proof in yet another Fox News interview about Joe Biden’s supposed “crimes”

— The list of prominent and well-known Republican figures who are not voting for Donald Trump in 2024 is getting quite long

— Failed former President Donald Trump suffers a scary brain glitch at his latest rally in Dayton, Ohio, wrongly claiming that Joe Biden ran against and defeated Barack Obama

— Donald Trump threatens a “bloodbath” at his rally in Dayton, Ohio, and botches a number of other words

— At Donald Trump’s latest rally in Dayton, Ohio, they stand and sing an alternative treasonous National Anthem in honor of the January 6 rioters, whom they call “hostages”

— A former Trump voter, Mike from Pennsylvania, explains why he will not be voting for Trump in 2024

— In a Fox News interview, failed former President Donald Trump defends his call to terminate parts of the Constitution, and then repeats a number of known and long-debunked lies

— On the Bonus Show: Vladimir Putin wins in Russian election landslide, Ron DeSantis signs bills expanding prison sentences for undocumented migrants, Biden campaign raises $53 million in February, much more…

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