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March 9, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Chris Shelton, former high-level Scientologist and author of the book “Scientology: A to Xenu – An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is Really All About,” joins David to discuss Scientology, getting out of the Sea Org, and being labeled a “suppressive person”

–Kennesaw, Georgia, a city known to gun fetishists for requiring gun ownership and having a low murder rate, actually offers many exceptions to its firearm mandate and comparatively does not have an exceptionally small number of homicides

–Caller asks about the use of the word “progressive” as a label

–Caller wonders if super PACs could stop the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs

–Caller suspects the Second Amendment is outdated

–Caller questions the extent to which special interests influence lawmakers

–Caller inquires about the parliamentary system in comparison to a democratic-republic

–Caller tells David to forget about the Hatriots

–Caller wonders how to remain optimistic despite the current political turmoil

–Audience Question: What Republican Party policies have actually changed as a result of Trump?

–Audience Question: What do American travelers do abroad that is embarrassing?

–Audience Question: When should the US get involved in other countries’ economic affairs?

–On the Bonus Show: Justice Department files a religious discrimination flu shot lawsuit, China’s out-of-control space station will crash down to earth, a Seattle judge rules on living in vehicles, and much more…

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