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June 9, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Coronavirus cases are now down more than 94% in the United States, with deaths down more than 88%

–Despite COVID cases and deaths being down overall, unvaccinated areas are seeing an increase in hospitalizations, exactly as we’ve been led to expect

–President Joe Biden ends infrastructure negotiations with obstructionist Republicans, putting the possibility of passing the bill via budget reconciliation in focus, if he can get support from all 50 Senate Democrats

–Donald Trump calls for countries to ban Twitter and Facebook after Nigeria takes that very step in a completely hypocritical suppression of speech

–Anti-vaccine activists swarm a hearing in Ohio over House Bill 248, which would ban vaccine requirements in most situations

–Steven Brandenburg, the anti-vaccine pharmacist who tampered with 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, has been sentenced to three years in prison

–Fox News refuses to run a Meidas Touch ad in which police officers condemn the January 6 Trump rioters, despite their stated support of police

–Republican Senator Lindsey Graham admits the real reason why he and others want to look at the “lab leak” COVID theory, which is that they feel it will “vindicate” Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic

–Voicemail caller asks why the Trumpist Q types aren’t considered terrorists by law enforcement

–On the Bonus Show: Jeff Bezos is going to space for a few minutes, study of whales going forward despite concern for whales, COVID whistleblower running against Matt Gaetz, much more…

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