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June 7, 2021

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–On the Show:

–A visibly confused former President Donald Trump returns to the stage, giving a deranged and incoherent speech to the North Carolina Republican Party

–Donald Trump announces that he will be back in the White House “sooner than people think” in a bizarre new fundraising video for Republicans

–Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is turning out to be every bit the problem we imagined him to be

–Many of the companies celebrating Pride Month previously donated to anti-gay candidates, in the latest corporate charade

–Donald Trump likes the idea of running for Congress, in order to become Speaker of the House, to then impeach Joe Biden

–It’s not just Donald Trump, but Trump and two former Republican senators, who think they may be “reinstated” by August

–An absolutely wacky conspiracy theorist believes that her friend, who died of COVID, was actually “medically abducted” by a hospital and killed for money

–The recently released Dr. Anthony Fauci emails are not the smoking gun that many Republicans want them to be

–Voicemail caller calls David out in brutal fashion

–On the Bonus Show: The ACLU’s identity crisis, California approves pilot program for driverless rides, FDA approves obesity drug, much more…

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