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June 4, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Charges against Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd have been upgraded to second-degree murder as additional involved Minneapolis police officers have been charged

–The FBI finds no evidence of Antifa involvement or violence in Washington DC, despite numerous public claims

–Fox News edits a protest video for a deceptive report, removing a portion of the video during which police handcuff the good Samaritans with guns, who happen to be black

–Donald Trump wants to send in tanks to repress protests, but the Pentagon appears to be turning on him

–Donald Trump’s own former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, brutally denounces Trump as a threat to the US Constitution, instantly triggering Trump into a Twitter tirade

–Donald Trump and his campaign are seeing the 2020 electoral map and recent polling and understandably panicking

–Donald Trump brags that he has been the best president for black Americans since Abraham Lincoln

–As Donald Trump tweets from the White House, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi join protesters

–Voicemail caller brutally attacks progressives who aren’t sure if they will vote for Joe Biden in November

–On the Bonus Show: LA Mayor cutting LAPD budget, Sweden acknowledges shortcomings in coronavirus handling, antidepressants in short supply during coronavirus, much more…

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