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June 8, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Fox News host Sean Hannity offers tongue-in-cheek advice to those wrapped up in Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, saying they should delete all communication records and “acid wash” their hard drives

–Caller wonders whether the United States government is actually a plutocracy or kakistocracy

–Caller questions whether Democrats have a shot at winning in the South

–Caller asks about David’s position on conservative talk show host Larry Elder

–Caller is a pro-gun liberal who criticizes the term “assault weapons”

–Caller wonders how Trump supporters defend the president’s unwillingness to release his tax returns

–Caller is worried that establishment, corporate Democrats will take over if there is a blue wave in the 2018 midterms

–Caller asks about combating pseudo-intellectualism

–Caller talks about the #metoo movement and whether convincing someone into sex is the same thing as coercing someone into sex

–Audience Question: Should the US implement European GDPR standards for our own privacy laws?

–Audience Question: How do you feel about Planned Parenthood using the Trump NLRB to break up a potential union of some of their support staff in Colorado?

–Audience Question: What is something you admire or find redeeming about conservatives?

–On the Bonus Show: Pentagon investigates White House doctor Ronny Jackson, Toys ‘R’ Us employees protest lack of severance pay, New York City to offer a third gender option on birth certificates, and much more…

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