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June 6, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Eric Turkheimer, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, joins David to discuss IQ, including connections to environment, race, ethnicity, and more

–In a moment of epic hilarity, two men kneel during Donald Trump’s fake replacement White House national anthem ceremony, meant as a substitute to the White House visit by the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles

–Funny video from Donald Trump’s fake replacement national anthem rally — a substitute for a visit from the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles — where Trump appears confused about the lyrics of “God Bless America”

–This week’s Hatriot Mail coins a phrase that is genius in its idiocy

–A major announcement is made as David will be playing against producers Pat and Max in a live game of chess once we reach 2000 Patrons on our Patreon page

–Vladimir Putin tells Austrian television that he and Donald Trump speak “regularly,” which could be true, but might be part of Putin’s expert attempts to create chaos in the west

–Donald Trump has officially put more tariffs on our allies than on China, which supposedly was the bad actor when it comes to trade

–MSNBC should really fire Joy-Ann Reid

–Eggman and other believe that David has outed “Hatriot Mail guy” as “Pete”

–On the Bonus Show: Primary day results, Miss America scrapping swimsuit competition, Parkland activist David Hogg “swatted,” much more…

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