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June 2, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Many people do not want to return to the terrible, low wage jobs that they had before the pandemic

–The Republican plot to steal the 2024 election could take many different forms

–Coronavirus cases are dropping rapidly in the United States, now down 93%, while deaths are down about 87%, and even globally the numbers are looking increasingly good

–The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased unruly sports fans, road rage, aggressive airline passengers, and more

–President Joe Biden suspends drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

–Former President Donald Trump is telling people he will be “reinstated” as President by August of this year, something that will not happen

–Donald Trump’s children, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr, launch a media tour to claim they are victims and being treated very unfairly

–Donald Trump is planning to restart his disastrous rallies this summer

–Vaccinated voicemail caller says he will keep wearing his mask

–On the Bonus Show: West Virginia giving away guns to vaccinated people, SCOTUS says tribal police can detain non-Native Americans, new generation military drone being deployed, much more…

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