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June 1, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Classic Interview: AC Grayling, Professor of Philosophy and Master of New College of the Humanities, London, joins David to discuss humanism, secularism, and morality without religion

–A Harvard study finds that 4,645 people were killed as a result of the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, far surpassing the 64 deaths that were initially reported

–Caller asks whether raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour would be bad for businesses

–Caller talks about how living in cities like Washington DC has become increasingly unaffordable

–Caller speculates whether former FBI Director James Comey will run for president in 2020

–Caller asks if David is writing a book and talks about China gamifying life with a social credit score

–Caller wonders why the right strawman the left on the issue of gun control

–Caller is concerned about David’s handling of ICO interviews

–Audience Question: Have you ever overheard people talking about you in Spanish, thinking you couldn’t understand them?

–Audience Question: What would it take to get Fox News to turn on Trump?

–Audience Question: Do you have a favorite NBA team, player, or coach?

–On the Bonus Show: Saudi Arabia criminalizes sexual harassment, many multivitamins have no health benefits, televangelist asks for $54 million to buy a private jet, and much more…

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