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June 27, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Norm Stamper, retired Seattle Police Chief and representatives of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, joins David to discuss whether harsh sentences have any influence on violent drug crimes

–The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scores the Senate version of the American Health Care Act and concludes that 22 million people would lose their insurance and that older and lower-income enrollees would be hit the hardest

–Russian President Vladimir Putin meddled in the US presidential election in four ways: making connections inside the Trump campaign, hacking the DNC, hacking voting systems, and creating a propaganda campaign inside the US

–This week’s top images from David’s Instagram account

–The Supreme Court approves parts of President Trump’s second travel and refugee ban, but makes exceptions for individuals visiting in close familial relationships and those who have a “formal, documented” authorization to work or study

–Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of doing nothing to stop Russian meddling in the US presidential campaign because he didn’t want to “rock the boat” and figured Hillary Clinton would win

–Alpaslan Durmuş, Chair of the Turkish Board of Education, announces that Turkey will no longer teach evolution in schools, calling it too debatable, controversial, and complicated for students

–Education Secretary Betsy DeVos appoints Wayne A. Johnson, the head of a private student loan company, to be in charge of the Office of Federal Student Aid

–Voicemail caller wants to add Argentina and Israel to the list of countries on Trump’s travel ban

–On the Bonus Show: Google hit with EU fine for shopping service, lobster found in luggage at Logan airport, generational divide among white evangelicals on gay marriage, and much more…

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