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June 23, 2017

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–Classic Interview: Bill Bowring, Professor of Law at the Birkbeck University of London and author of “Law, Rights and Ideology in Russia,” joins David to discuss Russia’s history and how it has led to socially conservative politics and the modern Vladimir Putin era

–A National Low Income Housing Coalition study shows that no one working a full-time job at minimum wage in the US can afford a two-bedroom apartment in any of the fifty states

–Caller worries if Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s special election should instill panic in the Democratic party

–Caller wants to know what David thinks of third parties and ranked-choice voting

–Caller can’t wrap his head around Donald Trump’s incessant use of Twitter

–Caller wonders if Vice President Mike Pence is involved in the Trump-Russia scandal

–Caller proposes Democrats appeal to the radical left in order to start winning elections

–Audience Question: What one unsolved mystery would you solve if you could?

–Audience Question: What is the worst crime you’ve ever committed and gotten away with?

–Audience Question: When was a time that you did something really embarrassing and nobody noticed?

–On the Bonus Show: Benefits to a universal basic income, Kentucky coal mining museum converts to solar power, lead detected in 20% of baby food samples, and much more…

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