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June 26, 2018

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–On the Show:

–A preview of the upcoming pseudoscience miniseries, starting with an episode on ESP

–Contrary to what many right wingers are now claiming in the wake of the child migrant internment crisis, due process does apply to undocumented immigrants

–A new report exposes that migrant children being held at a detention center are required to say the pledge of allegiance

–Donald Trump claims that North Korea has started its promised denuclearization, as US officials including Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis claim there is no such evidence

–Protesters show up at Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen’s house and blast audio of immigrant children crying after being separated from their parents

–Independent progressive media is in trouble, and David explains why

–American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson announces that it will be moving some production of motorcycles outside of the US due to the retaliatory tariffs announced by the European Union in response to Donald Trump’s tariffs

–Donald Trump signs an executive order to revoke President Obama’s protections of our oceans, opening them up to offshore drilling

–Voicemail caller wonders whether David would be as supportive of heckling people you disagree with in restaurants if he and his “gay lover Louis” were harassed while out to dinner

–On the Bonus Show: Maxine Waters controversy explodes, pharmacist refuses to fill prescription to induce miscarriage, woman calls police on girl selling water, much more…

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