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June 21, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Jason Payne, founder and CEO of Ada Diamonds, which works exclusively with lab-grown diamonds, joins David to discuss the future of the diamond industry, and much more

–Donald Trump signs an executive order meant to stop separation from families and internment of migrant children just days after claiming that this wasn’t something he could use an executive order to stop

–The White House misspells separation as “seperation” on Donald Trump’s child internment executive order

–David reveals the truth about how to make a ton of money as a YouTube superstar

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit

–Donald Trump withdraws the United States from the United Nations Human Rights Council

–Another Trump staffer is heckled at a Mexican restaurant, this time Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller at Washington DC’s Espita Mezcaleria

–Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reacts with a satirical and trolling “womp womp” when told about a migrant 10-year-old girl with Down’s Syndrome who was put in a cage

–ABC falsely reports on screen that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort plead guilty to 5 counts of manslaughter and subsequently apologizes, playing directly into Donald Trump’s “fake news” narrative

–Voicemail caller objects to David’s use of the word “abortion”

–On the Bonus Show: Trump berates Mark Sanford, gun sales plunge for Smith & Wesson, Lyft trying to become a subscription business, much more…

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